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McBride Electric's Commercial Preventative Maintenance Services serving North Texas Area including Dallas TX, Plano TX, and Fort Worth TX

Preventative Maintenance Services in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

McBride Electric offers many different aspects of electrical maintenance to prevent power failure of critical engineering equipment and processes.

McBride Electric Preventative Maintenance Service includes:

  • Infrared Thermography
  • Power Metering
  • Insulator Cleaning
  • Proper Fastener Torque verification

Electrical maintenance requirements vary from building to building and system to system.

We create and execute customized electrical preventative maintenance schedules including:

  • Proper shut down and re-powering of electrical systems
  • Inspection, cleaning and re-torque of buss connections, exercise breakers and switches
  • Tightening of cable and wire terminations and lubrication of electrical equipment

Electrical preventative maintenance is the most cost-effective protection against sudden power outages and power quality problems caused by today’s micro-processor controlled engineering equipment. As facility downtime and business downtime go hand in hand, power preventative maintenance is crucial for keeping productivity at its best.

McBride Commercial Electric Preventative Maintenance Service enhances both productivity and profitability by reducing business and facility downtime as well as reducing owning and operating costs.

Electrical Safety Precautions in Fort Worth & Dallas

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