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As electric vehicle (EV) ownership grows across Dallas-Fort Worth, many drivers opt to upgrade their home chargers. Advancing technology, changing electrical needs, home upgrades, and new EVs may prompt upgrading your existing EV charging equipment.

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McBride Electric, a top Dallas-Fort Worth electrician, installs EV chargers throughout the metroplex. Here’s what to consider when upgrading a home EV charger.

Why Upgrade Your Home EV Charger?

Common reasons to upgrade your existing EV charger include:

  • Faster charging – Upgrading from Level 1 to Level 2 cuts charging times. Additional amps speed Level 2 charging.
  • Added charging capacity – More household EVs may require higher electrical capacity to charge multiple vehicles quickly.
  • Home upgrades – Home additions, rewiring, or electrical service upgrades provide an opportunity to upgrade your EV charger capacity.
  • New EV model – When buying a new EV, ensure your charger can meet its electrical and charging demands.
  • Smart features – Upgrading enables monitoring, scheduling, and controls through smart home and utility interfaces.
  • Improved reliability – A faulty or underpowered older charger may need replacing with an advanced reliable model.

As home and EV needs evolve, upgrading your charger is smart to provide optimal charging experiences.

Level 1 to Level 2 Charger Upgrades

Many EV owners start with a simple Level 1 charger plugged into a 120V household outlet. But slow charging speeds often lead them to upgrade to a 240V Level 2 charger wired directly to their electrical panel.

Level 2 advantages over Level 1:

  • Faster charging – Level 2 adds 10-60 miles of range per hour, while Level 1 only adds 2-5.
  • Higher capacity – Level 2 can charge larger EV battery packs without tripping breakers.
  • Flexibility – Level 2 allows adjustable amperage to customize charging speed.
  • Safety – Hardwired Level 2 connections are safer than prolonged Level 1 plug-in use.
  • Efficiency – Level 2 charges use less electricity for faster charging.

Given the major perks, upgrading from Level 1 to Level 2 is the most common EV charger upgrade path for increased home charging convenience.

More Powerful Level 2 Charger Upgrades

For households with multiple EVs, some EV owners opt to upgrade their Level 2 charger’s electrical capacity even further.

Options include:

  • Higher amperage – Upgrading a 40-amp circuit to 50 amps provides more power to charge faster.
  • Multiple chargers – Adding a second or third Level 2 charger allows simultaneous charging.
  • Higher voltage – Some commercial EVs can leverage 208V or 480V charging for ultra-fast rates.
  • DC fast charging – Occasionally, some households elect to install compact DC fast chargers for speeds comparable to public stations.

Each upgrade involves electrical service considerations. An electrician must determine if your home’s wiring, panel, and utility service can accommodate increased EV charging capacities.

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EV Charger Upgrade Costs

Typical EV charger upgrade costs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area include:

  • Level 1 to Level 2 – – with most of the cost in new wiring and installation. Potentially more if electrical upgrades are needed.
  • More amps – Upgrading to a higher amperage Level 2 may cost – in materials and labor.
  • Second charger – Adding a second Level 2 charger typically costs – for equipment plus installation.
  • Faster charging – DC fast charging equipment starts around just for the unit. With supporting electrical upgrades, total costs can reach +.

When upgrading, avoid oversizing your charger and electrical capacity significantly beyond your needs as that wastes money long-term. Rightsize the upgrade for your home and EV lineup.

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Electrical Upgrades to Support EV Chargers

Before upgrading your home’s EV charging equipment, consider:

  • Utility service – The size of your incoming electrical service must support additional EV loads. 200 amps is recommended for most homes today.
  • Electrical panel – Upgrading to a larger capacity panel provides more circuit breaker spaces for multiple EVs.
  • Wiring – Thicker gauge wiring properly and safely supports increased electrical demands without risk of overheating.
  • Breakers – The proper circuit breaker amperage protects each new EV charging circuit.

Fortunately, any required upgrades like new panels or wiring help strengthen your overall home electrical capacity for the long run.

Smart EV Charger Upgrades

The latest EV chargers offer smart capabilities like:

  • App and voice control
  • Scheduling based on time-of-use electricity rates
  • Tracking charging stats and energy costs
  • Integrating with smart home tech and security systems
  • Automatically adjusting amperage levels
  • Enabling vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-home connectivity

While smart chargers carry higher upfront costs, their energy management features can yield long-term power bill savings. Review options to choose advanced functionality that best fits your needs and budget.

Should You Upgrade Your Home EV Charger?

Before upgrading, weigh factors like:

  • Age and condition of existing charger
  • Capacity needs for future EVs
  • Charging speed desired
  • Electrical service capacity
  • Smart functions of interest
  • Expected length of stay in the home

Carefully assess your home’s electrical backbone and EV charging needs before investing. But upgrading can be a smart move when the time is right.

Trust Us for EV Charger Upgrades

If you need to upgrade your home’s electric vehicle charger to meet your needs, the experts at McBride Electric can help. Contact us at 817-858-0255 for Fort Worth or 972-733-1199 for Dallas to receive a free estimate and consultation about EV charger upgrades.

Our master electricians stay current on the latest EV charging technology and can recommend the best charger to suit your car and home. We’ll handle the entire process, from permitting to professional installation, with minimal disruption to your daily charging routine.

At McBride Electric, we want to make your EV charging seamless. Trust our EV charging pros to get the job done right. We’ll ensure your home’s EV charging solution evolves along with your needs.


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